Fingerprint has a team of top notch industry specialists in kids' mobile games and platforms

Founded in 2010

Based in San Francisco

25 full time employees

Female founder

Management Team

Nancy MacIntyre

CEO and Co-Founder

Thought leader and Do-er in Kids and education business. Started Fingerprint after spending 15 years developing and marketing successful and beloved interactive products for children at LeapFrog, Lucas Film, and Hasbro.

Dave Calaprice

Chief Technology Officer

Twenty year veteran of technology firms focused on distributing content including Songbird (Music Discovery), Cell Mania/ Blackberry (App Ecosystem), and Macromedia (Director and Shockwave).

Kimberly Verbonitz

Chief Revenue Officer

25+ years of experience in business development, content, strategy and marketing. Kim led LeapFrog BD & licensing, built digital strategies as an WME agent and started her career in the executive development program at Merck.

Board of Directors

Daniel Klaus
CEO and Co-Founder

Nancy MacIntyre
CEO and Co-Founder

Colin Bohm
Executive Vice President
Corus Entertainment

Nicholas Wodtke
Technology Executive

Ben Braun
CFO, Brand Development

George Rose


Corus Entertainment

Dreamworks Animation

GSV Enterprise Fund

Reed Elsevier Ventures


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