Third Party Operators

Declaration of third-party operators and SDK’s utilized within our sites and applications are:

- Mixpanel: Used for basic app usage time tracking for in-app reporting functionality such as in-app parent reports. I.e Time spent per activity or within the application.
- Google Analytics: Used in websites and web based applications for basic site usage statistics. Traffic volume, session length, etc.
- Appsflyer​: Used for ad attribution statistics only. No persistent ad identifiers are collected/stored with this software.
​- Localytics: Used in Legacy applications developed before January of 2016.
- Fiksu: Used in Legacy applications developed before January of 2016.

PII Disclosure:

Kidomi only collects limited PII for basic application functions such as account establishment and profile creation.

• Parent Email is collected for account establishment sign up and login functionality
• Child “nickname” or First Name to establish an application profile.

For a full overview of our Privacy Policy please visit: For questions or to request information on your accounts data send an email to Users can also view this privacy policy and platform terms and conditions information within our mobile applications at any time prior to creating an account or in the parent area.